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Caritas Counseling Program

All of our clients are people who need to be lifted out of a very difficult or dangerous situation to move forward with their lives. While we provide all kinds of resources, including loving homes, our clients also need mental health and emotional support to empower them to change their situation. Counseling plays an important role in all our services and is central to all we do.

We provide counseling to individuals, groups, and families in 42 counties across Southern Illinois. Our counselors are also trained to provide care in nearly 20 different areas of behavioral and mental services including trauma, anxiety and depression, and anger management.

We also provide counseling to people in the general community who have Medicaid through Illinicare. We offer a sliding scale fee for people who do not have insurance.

Group Therapy Programs

Boys Town Common Sense Parenting:

Common Sense Parenting ® (CSP) provides logical strategies and easy-to-learn techniques to address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success. These classes incorporate research-proven childcare methods developed by the Boys Town Treatment Family HomesSM program. Parents can learn each skill and apply it to their home environment to help build and reinforce healthy family relationships. 

Parents as Teachers

Shows parents how to teach children self-discipline.

Effective Praise

Helps parents encourage positive behaviors by responding enthusiastically and sincerely.

Preventive Teaching

Enables parents to teach children what they’ll need to know in future situations, as well as practice using the skill.

Corrective Teaching

Responds to children’s problem behaviors with teaching and practicing acceptable alternatives. Parents will be able to adhere to a staying-calm plan for when they become upset with their children.

Teaching Self-Control

Teaches a skill parents can use to allow children time to calm down and remain calm in future situations.

Putting It All Together

Helps parents develop a parenting style to improve relationships with their children.

Anger Management

Caritas Counseling Program offers the SAMSHA’s Anger Management for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Clients program. The class meets once a week for 90 minutes for 12 weeks. The class covers the following: 

  • Events and Cues
  • Anger Control Plans
  • The Aggression Cycle
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Assertiveness Training
  • The Conflict Resolution Model
  • Anger and the Family

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Whether you or someone you know struggles with thoughts of suicide, help is available. Below are several organizations that can provide help that is needed.

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I think the biggest difference that counseling brings is helping people to understand that they can do it. That we have faith in them, that they’re the ones that can be the change agent in their life. That they have all the power to do that and that we will work with you to get that power in any way that you can.  

– Megan Kirk, Director of Behavioral Health Services

Success Stories


Sarah - Turning Tragedy Into Light

Sarah lost her husband of 12 years and her two oldest sons on a family trip in the Ozarks. She was devasted and barely able to care for herself or her three living children. With our intensive counseling, she survived the first year. On the second anniversary of the tragedy, she started writing, published a book, and learned to live again. 

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