Pregnancy Options Counseling

Pregnant or parenting and considering adoption as an option?
You’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Caritas Pregnancy Care Program

Since its beginning, Caritas Family Solutions has offered supportive services to pregnant mothers by helping women navigate critical decisions regarding choosing to parent or when making a loving plan for alternate care.

Choosing adoption means crafting a thoughtful future for your child, not giving up. We firmly believe in open adoption as the gold standard, allowing both birth and adoptive families to share identifying information and maintain ongoing contact. As you make your decision, our supportive counselors will provide counseling and care, not just during the decision-making process, but even afterward.


If you’re considering an adoption plan, you can expect the following support from Caritas and our counselors:

  • Work with a trained professional that you trust to explore the right decisions for you and your child. Absolutely no pressure or coercion.
  • View local waiting families that are educated on the commitment of openness while working with a social worker to answer questions you have along the way.
  • A commitment to facilitating future contact with your child and their adoptive parents in an open adoption.
  • Be given real answers and ongoing support.
  • Help in navigating feelings of loss or sadness, as adoption is a difficult decision.
  • Be provided resources to talk with other expectant parents and birth moms that understand what you are going through.
  • Free legal information.
  • Financial Assistance within the laws of Illinois if making an adoption plan.

If you are parenting, and considering adoption for your child or children, we can help you find respite for your child or children while you explore your decision.


At Caritas, we respect your privacy and value your trust. Our dedicated team is available to speak with you at any time. Reach out to our on-call number or send us a text at 618-507-9216, and we’ll respond promptly.

Or you can fill out our confidential form below and one of counselors will reach out to you directly.

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