Our Commitment to Quality

A key goal of Caritas Family Solutions is to deliver quality services to families and children within our community. If you are unhappy with our services or with any agency procedure, you are entitled to express that dissatisfaction verbally and/or in writing. For more information, talk with your case worker or his/her supervisor or click here.

Services at Caritas Family Solutions are strength-based and collaborative, promoting respect and positive behavior in a safe and secure environment.

We assess potential clients for appropriateness of service and may refer to other resources to best meet the needs of the individual(s.)

We value the opportunity to provide services to you.

While receiving services or support from Caritas Family Solutions, you are entitled to certain rights and have certain responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities vary based on the services you are seeking. Please see your case worker for additional information regarding your rights and responsibilities.

Caritas Family Solutions recognizes the value of our foster parents and makes every effort to treat them with respect and dignity as professional members of the child welfare team. If you have concerns about our services or with any procedure, there are steps a foster parent can take to express that dissatisfaction. For more information about that process, click here. To view a copy of the Foster Parent Grievance policy, click here.

Caritas Family Solutions respects your right to confidentiality and makes every effort to protect your health information.