“Building a Future That Leads to Love”


Grow Skills

When you join us as an intern, you’ll grow your skills, create lasting connections and work on projects that truly impact people in positive ways. We’ll help put you on the path that leads to love!

Gain Experience

While working with mentors, leaders and peers, you’ll gain invaluable experience that will build the foundation for your future career. Many members of Team Caritas started their careers as interns, and now we’re paying it forward!

Strengthen Connections

You’ll strengthen personal and professional connections by attending networking events, training seminars, executive engagements, community outreach and more. Be prepared to “ditch the desk” and get some hands-on experience!

Diverse Locations

Internships may be available at any of our office locations, and at our residential facilities. The availability of specific internship opportunities may vary by location and program. We want to meet you where you are!


Caritas currently offers internships in the following locations and program areas:


Caritas Family Solutions offers a variety of unpaid and paid internship opportunities for current university students. The category of internship offered will vary by location and program. The availability of internship opportunities is always contingent upon the availability of mentors.
Internships are made available with no regard to grade level or age. All internship applications will be considered, but not all will be approved. All interns are required to complete an application (including resume) and successfully pass a background screening.
Internships are only available to currently enrolled university students. Internships can be scheduled throughout the school year, and/or during summer break periods. Internship programs can be temporary, or ongoing, depending upon student and agency needs.
Prior to applying, please research Caritas Family Solutions via our website, as you will be asked to identify the program(s) and location(s) you’re interested in interning with/at. During the application process you will be asked to provide at least one academic reference. All applicants will be considered, but not all will be accepted. After applying, you can expect to hear from us within 10 business days.


Caritas Internships are designed to provide students with real-world experience, showing you what it’s like to work alongside those at the highest-level, accelerating the progression of your career, and setting you up for success. 

After a successful internship with Caritas, we’d love it if you’d consider us for your post-graduation employment.  If you choose to work somewhere else, that’s fine too!  We’re happy to help mold the next generation of social servants to help create healthy relationships, loving homes, and strong communities.  That’s the Caritas way!