About Caritas

Creating loving homes and building stronger communities

Who We Are

Caritas Family Solutions is a nonprofit social services agency that works to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of vulnerable people in Southern Illinois, from before birth through the golden years. We believe our community is strengthened when every person in it has a loving home and can create healthy relationships.

What We Do

We are a hands-on organization that provides real, in-person care and services to people who need to get out of an unhealthy situation and into a healing environment.

We match babies and children to parents wanting to adopt. We provide pregnancy care to women who choose adoption.

We care for children the state removes from abusive homes and place them with our personally-selected and vetted foster parents. If a child has experienced too much trauma to be successful in foster care, we care for them personally at St. John Bosco Children’s Center.

When families struggle and are on the edge of falling apart, we work to heal them, keeping their children in the home.

We help low-income seniors find assisted living where they can enjoy community.

We help developmentally disabled adults live with dignity and independence in homes within our communities.

Our Mission

Caritas Family Solutions strengthens the social and emotional well-being of individuals and families in order to create healthy relationships, loving homes and strong communities.

Our Vision

Caritas Family Solutions is to be a premier human services organization committed to promoting a just and caring society reflective of God’s love.

our values


We value the dignity of each person and appreciate the differences among us.


We act in an honest, ethical and moral way.


We value faithful stewardship of all our resources to best serve the needs of the community.


We pursue excellence in an environment of transformation and growth.


We value the collaborative process and seek partnerships that further our mission and vision.


We value justice, through which all people are entitled to the goods and services needed for well-being.


In the midst of the difficulties of life, we are people of hope who believe in the goodness of others.

Caritas Services

Care and support for women experience an unplanned pregnancy.


A safe place for women who are homeless and pregnant that provides support services to empower them to make the best choices for their baby.

A home for children who have been abused or neglected, who are too traumatized to succeed in foster care.

A program that ensures children can stay in a loving home until their parents have corrected their situation, or until a permanent home is found.

Provided to individuals, groups and families in 42 counties across Southern Illinois.


Open and international adoptions that matches babies, children, or pregnant women to people wanting to adopt.

A supported employment program to help low-income seniors live more independently.

Group homes for people with developmental disabilities.

An assisted living facility for low-income seniors.