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Caritas Intact Family Program

When families face issues that could become detrimental to the children, the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services refers them to Caritas. We work with the parents to change the situation that puts their children at risk. We provide services and tools to help the parents resolve their struggles or difficult circumstances, to prevent it from getting to a point where the children would need to be placed in foster care. Our goal is always to keep families together whenever possible, and this program brings early intervention to resolve the situation before it becomes a danger to the children.

In many cases, the parents are facing such extreme poverty, they’re engaging in risky behavior to survive, and are unable to feed their kids, or even provide a safe place for them to sleep. We help them find affordable housing, stock up on groceries, provide baby supplies, and connect them to community resources

Services Caritas Provides to Families

Case Management

We monitor families to ensure they are receiving needed services.


We help parents work through issues with Group Therapy Programs and Anger Management.

Health Services

We provide access to needed physical, mental, and behavioral health services.

Parenting Classes

We help parents improve their parenting skills to help them provide safe, loving homes for their children.

Safe Sleep Initiatives

We make sure babies have a safe place to sleep, and never leave a home without providing a “pack ‘n play” if the family does not have a crib.

Community Based Services

We refer families to support groups, food pantries, employment training and continuing education programs.

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Intact Family Services are currently available for cases in Jefferson, Marion, Wayne, Clay and Hamilton counties in Illinois. Contact us here for more information.

Learn more about the vital importance of keeping families together through their times of struggle.

Success Stories


Megan & John

For Megan and John, a DCFS investigation turned into a blessing in disguise when the caseworker connected them to Caritas Intact Family Program. The program helped them get back on their feet with cleaning supplies, a new highchair, and a safer and permanent home.

More Ways We Help Children Live in Loving Homes