Teresa & Bethany

Teresa & Bethany

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As the mother of three daughters and the owner of a daycare operated out of her home, Teresa has spent most of her life fulfilling her passion; caring for children.

After learning about the tremendous need for foster parents from her sister, who is also a foster parent through Caritas, Teresa decided it was something she needed to do. Teresa became a foster parent in 2009 and has since fostered more than 11 children in her home.

“Foster parenting allows me to continue playing a parenting role and to be there for the children to raise them the right way,” said Teresa. “Some children come from a home with no guidance and it is important to teach them tough love and responsibilities. The hardest part about foster parenting is helping the child adapt to the changes and their new environment, but children just want to feel loved and receive attention.”

Throughout the years, Teresa has been a foster parent to children of all ages. “The hardest part is letting go of the children when they return home, but we have to do what’s best for them,” she added.

While reunification with the biological parents is always the hope for all foster children Caritas serves, returning home isn’t always in the best interest for the child. A few years ago, Teresa officially became an adoptive mom to one of her foster children, named Bethany. Bethany hopes to one day own her own book store and has even considered becoming a foster parent herself.

“Being a foster child was difficult, but Momma (Teresa) made me feel comfortable,” Bethany said smiling up at her new mom. “I would like to tell other children entering foster care to hang on because things will get better.”

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