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Andrew & Fallon

Dear birth parent, 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us as you consider an adoption plan for your child. We are Andrew and Fallon. A couple who loves animals, taking walks, and spending time together. As first-time parents, we would love the opportunity to raise and love your child. We would love to have a relationship with you and are open to letters, pictures, and visits.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to write about our family, home, and desire for a child. We have been happily married for nine years, together for 13.5, and are looking forward to adopting a baby. We have always wanted to have children but knew from the beginning of our relationship that we could not have one biologically. Adoption was something we have talked about and desired since the beginning. 

We live in a small Midwest town, which has parks, good schools, and many children. Our house is two stories and sits at the end of the road next to farmland. There are many families in our neighborhood with young children who are often playing outside with each other. In June 2019, we bought our home with the goal of raising a child here. 

We are both very laid-back individuals, and it would be accurate to call us homebodies. We enjoy spending time together and caring for our animals, whom we call the Potter Pets. We enjoy doing things together, such as watching movies, going on walks, and visiting the zoo. We cannot wait to take your child to the zoo and introduce them to our favorite animals. 

We have a large extended family and celebrate many holidays together, including Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving feasts, and more. Birthdays are a big deal in our family, and we enjoy celebrating with each other. Your child would enjoy many presents, game, and fun every year. 

Our household includes six cats and two dogs. Monroe, Mittens, Hermione, Furio, Mako, and Cinder are our six cats. Our dogs are Torvi and Maple. While we have a lot of pets, we love every minute of it. We grew up with animals and knew they would be part of our life together. Your child will experience the joy of growing up with animals and learning how to take care of them. 

With adoption, we desire an open adoption with letters, pictures, and visits. We believe it is important for you to know how your child is growing and to be part of their story. The child will know they are adopted and that your decision to place them for adoption was not easy but was made from love. 

We thank you for taking the time to look at our book. Even if you do not choose us, thank you for helping to make another family. 


Andrew and Fallon 

About Us

Hello! We are Andrew and Fallon. We have been together for 13 years and married for 9 of them. We met in high school by chance, instantly became inseparable, and have been together ever since. We are truly each other’s best friends.  We have grown up together going through good and bad times but always coming out stronger and more connected. From the moment we started dating, we have been each other’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. Our relationship is one full of laughs, love, and as Andrew would say “helping Fallon reach things from the high shelves.” We do not currently have any children, but we cannot wait to grow our family. Our marriage is one that we work at every day with intentional actions of kindness, love, and understanding. We want to show our child what a healthy and supportive relationship is.

Andrew works in law enforcement and Fallon works in higher education. Andrew’s interests include listening to audiobooks, watching movies, and playing video games. Fallon’s interests include reading, watching tv shows, and raising her cats. Fallon cannot wait to share her love for cats with a child.

Our Home and Community

We live in a two-story house in a small town that is not too far from a large city. We have a large backyard to play fetch with our 2 dogs. Our house is at the end of our street and right next to a farmer’s field. Fallon loves to watch each year’s crop be planted and harvested. We bought our house with the purpose of making it our home and raising a child in it. We live in a top-rated school district with great opportunities for sports and community activities. We have several parks that we like to go for walks in. Many families live in our neighborhood and kids are always outside playing.

Fun Facts


  • Education: Master’s degree
  • Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings        
  • Favorite Animal: Polar Bear
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Place for Vacation: Disney World
  • Favorite Sport: Boxing
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones


  • Education: Master’s degree; Working on PhD
  • Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park
  • Favorite Animal: Cat
  • Favorite Food: Potatoes
  • Favorite Place for Vacation: Disney World
  • Favorite Sport: Irish Step Dance
  • Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds


Our family loves to get together for the big holidays, and we host Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas at our house. On Easter we have Easter egg hunts, one for the kids and one for the adults. Some eggs contain a number which is assigned to a certain prize, and you never know what you are going to get. We typically have 2 Christmas’s, one for Andrew’s family and one for Fallon’s. There are many presents, lots of food, and stories being told. Fallon loves decorating for Christmas, especially hanging the family Christmas stockings which each cat and dog has their own of. At Christmas we often play gift games where each person brings a cheap surprise gift.  Birthdays are always celebrated with family, cake, ice cream, and presents.

Our plan if we adopt a child of a different race is to incorporate their cultural holidays into our celebrations. Fallon also plans on teaching our child about holidays celebrated by different cultures.

Our Extended Family

We are lucky to live close to many family members. Some of Andrew’s family lives in our town and Fallon’s lives within a 40-minute drive. Andrew’s extended family lives closer and gets together more than Fallon’s. Andrew’s extended family is made up of his mom, sister, aunt, grandma, grandpa, great aunts and uncles and cousins. Fallon’s family consists of her mom, sister, grandma, and uncles that live in Arizona and Florida. Easter and Thanksgiving are celebrated with Andrew’s extended family while Christmas is celebrated with our immediate families. Both of our families cannot wait for our family to grow, and they look forward to having one more person to celebrate with. When we have family gatherings we talk, eat good food, and play games.

We both consider our friends part of our extended family. We have many friends who we have gained through our employment and community who have become like family to us. They are all very excited to see us become parents and are already letting us know how they want to help.


We have 2 dogs and 6 cats. Our dogs are Torvi and Maple. Our cats are Monroe, Mittens, Hermione, Furio, Mako, and Cinder. Each of our animals has their own unique personalities, likes, dislikes, and stories behind their names. We think it is important for kids to grow up with pets as it helps them learn respect for animals and responsibility. When we watch TV more than one animal is usually with us and animal shows are a favorite of our pets.  

Hobbies and Interests

We spend much of our free time together and have many shared hobbies. We love to go for walks, watch movies, and take care of our pets. We watch all kinds of movies and since we are kids at heart, we even keep up on the new kid’s movies. For Fallon, movie-watching is not complete without a bowl of popcorn so you can often find her using her Whirley Pop to make homemade popcorn. We enjoy taking care of our pets together whether that is taking our dogs for a walk or giving our cats, which include a Main Coon, treats. 

We enjoy doing things outside of the home together including bowling, which we are not very good at, and going to eat. Each year we go to the St. Louis Zoo several times as we always have a family membership. Andrew is an encyclopedia of animal facts and cannot wait to share his knowledge with a child.

What Led Us to Adoption

We always knew we wanted to have a child. We learned of our infertility early on in our relationship and have had many conversations on how we wanted to grow our family. We determined that adoption was the path we wanted to take and have set our hearts on it.


We plan to be honest and transparent with the child we adopt about their adoption. Our families know we are hoping to adopt and are ready to open their arms to the child. The child will know how difficult the decision to place your child for adoption was for you to make and that it was made from love. We want the child to know who you are and how you helped us to become a family. They will know that you will always be part of their life and in their heart.

Raising a Child

We are open to adopting a child of a race different from our own. We understand that as two Caucasian people, we do not know what it is like to be any other race. Our child will be raised in an environment that acknowledges and is supportive of their background, culture, and race. They will know where they came from and about the history of their race. We will make sure that there are individuals in our lives that are the same race as the child so they can see those who look like them and create a connection with their culture. We have friends of different races who are more than willing to help us learn about their culture and race so that we can provide the best environment for our child to grow up in.