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Giving with Greater Impact

Your Company May Double (or even triple) Your Impact!

Matching gift programs are a great way to support and encourage charitable contributions by a company’s employees. They can significantly increase the value and impact of your donation, especially if you can also enlist a few coworkers to join you. And in a lot of cases employees’ spouses and retirees’ gifts may be eligible for a match as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs that match your gift up to a certain amount.

As an example: You work for Boeing and make a $100 donation to Caritas Family Solutions. Boeing’s matching gift program requires a $25 minimum gift and matches up to $10,000. Boeing will write a $100 check to Caritas Family Solutions after you complete your matching gift form.

You begin by filling out the matching contribution form provided by your employer. Check with your employer to see if a paper form is required or if you can do it online.

Below are common steps to take:

1. Make a donation: Make a personal donation and keep your tax receipt. Many matching programs allow you to ask for a corporate match up to a year after you donate.

2. Check to see whether your workplace has a matching contribution program and specific guidelines by searching here (Double the Donation URL). If your company doesn’t come up in the search, reach out to your HR department to see if they do have a matching gift program.

3. Match: You will typically have two options if you do find your company using our search tool (Double the Donation URL):
A. Click on the link that was supplied, log in and submit your request electronically
B. Download your company’s matching gift form, print it, fill it out and submit it us.

Even if you don’t find your company through our search feature, it’s still possible that your employer will match your donation. Reach out to your HR department to see if they’ll match your donation.

Double the Donation is our partner who provides the search feature and database to companies that offer matching gift programs. Please contact the Double the Donation team at if you find anything that needs to be updated.

For any questions related to your company’s program specifically, you’ll need to contact your HR department.

You can contact our Development Department at (618) 213-8703 or with any questions about getting a tax receipt or submitting and verifying a matching donation request.